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Music Discovery Competition For Cash Prizes!

The fantasy football of music, Jazzdaq's music discovery competitions let you go ear-to-ear against your friends to settle who has the best taste in music.

Support & Discover Emerging Artists

Interact With Fellow Music Lovers

Get Rewarded
With $$$

Making The Jazzdaq B(r)and

To put the power of music back in the hands (and ears) of musicians and music lovers.

Jamplify the music experience.

We at Jazzdaq believe music is a deeply personal experience so we set out to make it personal again. So we set out to put you and your ear for music back in control.

Today people have two ways of discovering new talent: curators and algorithms. Jazzdaq was founded by tech and music entrepreneurs to present a better option - to reinvent the way artists and music lovers connect by creating a new form of direct relationship that’s never existed before through a platform that invests in the perfect A&R - the collective power of music makers and music lovers.

No AI. No music discovery algorithm. No omnipotent playlist curator. No divine top hits lists. No zeros and ones. Just you and the good vibes you feel when you experience sonic bliss.

And this is just the beginning. We’re working tirelessly to build an enduring and valuable service that puts the power of music back in the hands of those who make it and those who live it. And to make music rewarding for both artists and listeners.

Whether you’re an artist, music lover, label, or we hope you’ll jamplify with us.

Bringing the fun(k)

Seriously Rewarding Music Discovery

Put your music taste to the test against other music lovers through contests designed to be fun, interactive, and rewarding.

In addition to earning points towards cash prizes, you’ll also play for weekly bragging rights by pitting your bomb tracks against others in your group in weekly 1-on-1 Daq Battles™. While all discovering best music you’ve never heard of from a playlist curated by other music lovers.

All about the numbers, baby.

Is It A Banger?

It’s a simple question and while we love Tom Haverford’s algorithm based on BPM and drops, our algorithm is a little more sophisticated than that.

Using our song popularity algorithm, you’ll be able to see if your song is dope or a nope and have confidence that contests are transparent and fair. Sensing you have a nope on your hands? Drop em and scout a new jam. As the old saying goes… “you are the P. Diddy of Da Band.”

Catch and spread the earworm

Where The Real Music Gems Roam

And where they’re directly supported.

Since the catalogue of artists featured in Jazzdaq are scouted by users just like you, you’ll know they’re emerging and unsigned musicians worth a listen.

We believe artists - no matter how large their fanbase is - should have access and the opportunity to showcase their talent, connect with their soon-to-be diehard fans, and receive compensation to further pursue their passion and art.

Working hard for the money

Separating Bops From Flops

Oh, she's a gold digger

Find the next bomb track

Points are awarded based on the % growth during a contest period to reward users for findings songs early.

This puts emerging musicians on the same playing field as the most recognized names by guaranteeing a song that goes from 100 plays to 300 plays get the same amount of love as a song that goes from 100M to 300M plays.

Started from the bottom

Poppin' off

Points are also awarded for achieving daily growth targets based on the most recent % change in play count.

Each day, every song is assigned a growth target for the next day. If the song beats its target, the song receives additional points, if the song misses the target, then points will be deducted from its daily total.

The more a song beats its target by the more points it earns, and the opposite is also true for songs that miss their targets!

Hit the streets

Put out the word

Improve your chances in a contest by becoming an ambassador and promoter for your songs.

The more plays that you are able to get for your songs, the more points you’ll receive and the more income the musicians will receive!

As simple as Do Re Mi

Getting Started With Jazzdaq Is As Easy As1,2,3

Step 1

Create An Account

Click the link in your invite email.

Step 2

Start Or Join A Contest

Discover the upcoming contests and ask to join. Or start your own.

Step 3

Invite Friends To The Party

Send your personalized contest link to friends via text, email, or on social.

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